MANILA TO BORACAY through BATANGAS PORT: By Bus + 2GO travel Ferry

MANILA TO BORACAY through BATANGAS PORT: By Bus + 2GO travel Ferry

Here’s exactly how to get to BORACAY by 2GO travel ferry (Manila to Batangas Port to Caticlan Jetty to Boracay). We likewise included the cost of tickets, travel time, as well as other helpful tips!

As the Philippines’ many went to beach destination, Boracay welcomes millions of tourists per year. aside from its sheer natural beauty, much of the island’s popularity can be attributed to its accessibility. There are two airports serving Boracay, found in Kalibo as well as Caticlan. Over the years, the expense of flights have likewise gone down significantly, particularly during seat sales. however outside these promos, fares can still set back a traveler thousands of pesos per way. After all, air travel remains fairly expensive.

Thankfully, you can likewise travel to Boracay by sea. many people are not conscious that there are ferries that bring passengers from Batangas Port straight to Caticlan. The routine ferry fare is typically less expensive than that of year-round seats on a plane.

Our team just recently took this path as well as documented our journey, so enable us to share our experience with you.

Hva er dekket i denne guiden?

Batangas to Caticlan 2GO Ferry Schedule
2GO Ferry Ticket Price
Where to book 2GO Ferry Tickets
How to get to Boracay from Manila through Batangas1. catch a bus to Batangas Pier.
2. Board the ferry to Caticlan.
3. delight in the ride.
4. Disembark at Caticlan Jetty Port.
5. Pay the fees.
6. Board your boat or ferry to Boracay.
7. Take a multi-cab or tricycle to your hotel.

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow was the experience in the economic climate Class?
How much does it expense to upgrade to traveler or cabin class?
How was the experience in the traveler Class?
Can we select our beds?
Are there showers on board?
Will they offer towels as well as blankets?
Is there a store onboard where we can purchase snacks?
Are there restaurants on board?
Would you book 2GO travel ferry to Boracay again?

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Batangas to Caticlan 2GO Ferry Schedule

2GO travel has two trips from Batangas to Caticlan per day. They utilize the vessels St. Anthony de Padua, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Augustine of Hippo to ply this route. Here’s the routine as of July 2019.

Batangas to Caticlan

10:00 am, daily

09:00 pm, everyday

Caticlan to Batangas

08:00 am, daily

11:00 pm, daily

Travel time: 9 hours.

We suggest taking the night sailing. You leave Batangas at 9pm as well as show up in Caticlan at 6am. This will enable you to have much more time in Boracay as well as maximize your day.

These may modification without notice so please double inspect with 2GO before you begin planning your trip.

2GO Ferry Ticket Price

Much likes airlines, 2GO travel seems to be employing a dynamic pricing system, which implies that the fare varies depending on a number of elements including the date of travel, availability, as well as the vessel used.

Each booking covers a berth (bed) onboard. There are four types of accommodations, each has its own cost pricing scheme.

Here are the typical cost variety per class.

Økonomi. aka very value class. With an economic climate class ticket, you get assigned one in dozens of bunk beds in a huge non-airconditioned room. There is extremely bit privacy right here since you’re sharing the space with other economic climate passengers. cost range: P950 – P1250 per passenger.

Turist. You get a bed (bunk bed) in an air-conditioned space showed the rest of those in traveler class. The beds are somewhat bigger as well as with much better privacy. It reminded us a bit bit of capsule hotels. You likewise get to have a pillow for comfort. cost range: P1000 – P1400 per passenger.

Hytte. Cabin class passengers get a bed in a space that is showed a few other passengers. A cabin can fit either 4 or 6 passengers. cost range: P1600 – P1850 per passenger.

Suite Room. great for 2 pax. With a suite space ticket, you get your own personal space with much better provisions. Price: around P4550 per room.

We were able to try two classes: economic climate as well as Tourist.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can travel on economic climate class. However, note that the space isn’t air-conditioned. It can get truly hot even at night, particularly if you get assigned a bed near the kitchen.

If you’re on a budget plan however would like to be comfortable, choose traveler class instead. The difference in cost isn’t much however it is a hundred times much better in comfort. The space is air-conditioned as well as with appropriate panels (lower bunks) for a bit bit of privacy. It likewise has much more breathing as well as moving room. You likewise get a pillow. because you’ll be sailing for 9 hours, the cost hike is certainly worth it.

If you booked economic climate as well as you want to relocation to traveler class, you can do so by paying an upgrade fee. We’ll talk aboutdet i en egen seksjon nedenfor.

Hvor du kan bestille 2go fergebilletter

Du kan bestille gjennom et 2Go -utsalgssted, gjennom 2GO -nettstedet eller gjennom 12Go.Asia.

2Go utsalgssteder. For å inspisere nærmeste 2Go -utsalgsstedet i ditt område, bruk utsalgsstedet her.

2GO nettsted. Jeg prøvde å bestille gjennom deres offisielle nettsted, men hver gang jeg prøver å betale, gir det meg en feil så godt som jeg ville begynne på nytt. Til slutt ga jeg opp. Ha ha. Det er også viktig å merke seg at når du velger en opprinnelse eller destinasjon på bookingmotoren, er det to Batangas -oppføringer. De viser til nøyaktig samme Batangas, ikke bekymre deg. Den ene er bare for morgenens seiling, mens den andre er for natten seiling. Det er forvirrende til å begynne med, men det er bare strukturert på den måten. Du kan prøve å bestille på

12GO. Dette er et tredjeparts transportbestillingsnettsted, der jeg vanligvis bestiller bussen min så vel som togturer når jeg reiser over Sørøst-Asia. De begynner akkurat å utvide seg her på Filippinene, men de har allerede 2Go Batangas-Caticlan i systemet sitt, slik at du kan bestille det med dem. Bestill her!

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