Philippine PASSPORT APPLICATION FORMS: new & renewal

Philippine PASSPORT APPLICATION FORMS: new & renewal

one of the core demands when applying for a passport, whether for the very first time or for renewal, is a appropriately accomplished application form.

Often, the type is to be filled out online. When trying to routine an appointment, you will be asked to total the application form. After submitting the form, you will be asked to pay for the application before they can lock the slot for you. They will hold it for 24 hours. After repayment is confirmed, the system will email you a PDF data containing your visit routine slip as well as an digitally accomplished application form. You just requirement to print both the type as well as the visit receipt.

However, if for whatever reason you requirement a copy of a blank form, you’ll discover it below:


New Application type (Adult). Last ned her.

Renewal type (Adult). Last ned her.


Application type (Minor). Last ned her.

Here are some important notes about the form:

Print out the type on an A4-size paper.

You can achieve the type digitally or by hand. For handwritten forms, make sure you print entrances legibly. utilize black or blue ink only.

For fields that do not apply to you, compose N/A.

Minors are defined as those below 18 years of age. as well as those who are not able to completely take care of themselves.

Bring the accomplished form, together with other documentary requirements, to your visit at your selected DFA office.

For more info about the passport application demands as well as process, inspect out our step-by-step guides here:

New Passport Application

Passport Renewal

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