Travelling to Germany: checking out Berlin as well as Reuniting With good friends

Travelling to Germany: checking out Berlin as well as Reuniting With good friends

“I believe we’re going to fly to Germany from Thailand”, announced our good friend Jarryd.

Our response?

“We’ll book our flight as well as satisfy you there”!

After wondering where we must choose 13 days between Malta as well as the Caribbean, we lastly have a plan of action.

We are Berlin bound!

Museum Island! (Image by means of

Berlin is a destination that we’ve wished to travel to for lots of years. It’s really a location that we believed we would online as digital nomads one day. There’s so much going on in Berlin – it’s a city with an underground music / club scene; a location for the “hipsters” as well as art lovers; a foodie’s paradise; as well as of course, a top area for history as well as culture buffs.

With underground nightclubs (literally, they’re below ground), the graffiti-painted Berlin Wall, an island of museums, abandoned buildings as well as quirky neighbourhoods, we’re sure that booking our flight there will verify to be a great choice.

We are looking ahead to seeing the Berlin Wall! (Image by:

The city of Berlin itself has tons to offer us travellers, however there are many day trips that we’re thinking about as well. even though we only have 1 week in the city, we believe we’ll have time to head out of Berlin as well as check out a few of the surrounding areas.

In particular, we’re planning to rent a cars and truck to see the city of Leipzig, which is about 2 hours away as well as is understood for its culture, arts, music, as well as the second oldest coffee shop in Europe! As we are coffee lovers, we’re absolutely going to inspect that out.

Oh ya, we like coffee

We’re likewise believing about heading to Dresden, which is 2.5 hours away. This city utilized to be understood as the Florence of the Elbe because of its gorgeous collection of art as well as architecture. Sadly, much of the city was destroyed by WWII bombings, however obviously a great deal of restoration has been completed as well as the city has returned to its lovely self again.

We liked Florence, as well as I’m sure we’ll be surprised by Dresden.

If Dresden is anything like Florence, we’ll like it!
Finally, we’ve heard that Potsdam is a prominent trip from Berlin, as well as it’s only a 45 minute drive away. up until 1918, Potsdam was house to the Kaiser as well as Prussian Kings, which indicates that there are some charming palaces as well as formal gardens. But, I believe we’re a lot of looking ahead to inspecting out the Sanssouci Castle!

Fantastisk! Sanssouci Castle (Image Credit:

Renting a cars and truck is always a great deal of fun. Our recent road trips in Macedonia, Croatia as well as Albania were incredible, as it enabled us to get off the beaten path, as well as provided us flexibility to go where we wanted, when we wanted.

Driving in Germany will most likely seem like a piece of cake after the interesting road conditions we withstood while road-tripping around Albania. Although, understanding us, I’m sure that we’ll still handle to get lost!

Getting to Berat, Albania was difficult, however worth the crazy journey

Apart from checking out the special city of Berlin as well as surrounding areas, we’re a lot more than a bit ecstatic to satisfy up with our good friends ?

As full-time travellers, our friendships are rather fleeting. We satisfy people, we take pleasure in their business for a few days, weeks, or months, as well as then we state goodbye.

Saying goodbye to good friends is never easy…but it’s excellent to satisfy up again!

It can be tough to part methods with people that we’ve shared some excellent times with, however since we’ve satisfied people from all around the world, it’s truly interesting when we can message them as well as state “Hey, we’re pertaining to see you”!

In the situation of Berlin, that person is Henrik.

If you’ve been complying with our blogging journey considering that it very first began method back in 2012, you may keep in mind this ukulele-playing character. We satisfied Henrik during our month spent backpacking around Mozambique, as well as he truly enriched our travels there.

We’ve stayed in get in touch with with Henrik considering that we split ways as well as are truly looking ahead to satisfying up with him again, as well as it just so occurs that he just recently transferred to BErlin. Perfekt!

Vår gode venn Henrik, spiller ukulele for landsbyboere på Quirimbas Island
Menneskene vi tilfredsstiller mens vi er på veien (både regionale og utenlandske), har virkelig en effekt på våre opplevelser. De kan omgås reisen siden de hjalp til med å forme den – med latter, tårer, utforskning samt eventyr.

Vi er heldige som har venner som vi kan oppgi “hei, husk når vi …”?!

Hei Henrik … husker da vi brøt sammen midt i ingensteds i Mosambik?!

Vi ser fremover for å mimre om vår tid i Mosambik med Henrik. Vi tilbrakte nesten 3 uker med ham i tillegg til at noen ganske utrolige eventyr – snorkling med hvalhaier, dykking dykking med pukkelhval, hitchhiking fra sør til nord, i tillegg til å seile rundt øde øyer i tillegg til å campe på dem!

Det samme gjelder Jarryd så vel som Alesha, det vil være utmerket å ta igjen dem i tillegg til å chatte om å reise i Plovdiv, Bulgaria, de vanvittige hendelsene i World Tourism Forum i Istanbul, så vel som selvfølgelig vår Delte yrker – reiseblogging!

Vi leier virkelig en leilighet eller en leilighet med disse to, og jeg er sikker på at vi får så mye som noen schenanigans rundt Berlin sammen.

Vi ser frem til å tilfredsstille med Jarryd så vel som Alesha!
Fra sør til nord (rett mens kråka flyr) 27. mai, sier vi farvel til den vakre øya Malta, vår leilighet eller leilighet, så vel som våre gode venner her.

Det har vært en ekstraordinær to måneder, så vel som vi håper at en persondag snart vil kunne koble oss på nytt med de gode vennene som vi fikk her, i tillegg til å tro tilbake på de morsomme tidene våre sammen: “Hei, husk å tenke på når vi…”?!

Bortsett fra videoene våre, har vi ikke publisert mye om Malta på bloggen, men det kommer snart. Vi kommer til å produsere grundige guider, reise hvordan du gjør det, bilde essays så vel som resten, så følg med. Denne bloggen vil være full av info om å sjekke ut dette noe europeiske landet utenfor banen.

Hei, husk når vi hadde en BBQ i en hule?!

Hvis du har noen form for Berlin -ideer så vel som råd, kan du vise oss! Gi oss dine fineste dagsturer, elskede restauranter, must-sees så vel som must-dos!

*Blybilde av: Pixabay

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