Why house Sitters are invaluable to Homeowners

Why house Sitters are invaluable to Homeowners

We’ve written a few articles on the benefits of being a house sitter (free accommodation, enjoying the company of a furry friend and living like a local, to name a few) but what about homeowners, what’s in it for them?

The house sitting sites aren’t just for people wanting to take care of homes and animals around the world, they’re also for people who own a home and want to go on getaway knowing that their house and beloved animals are well taken care of.

We thought it was time to write an short article for the home and pet owners out there! here are some answers to the questions and concerns that you may have concerning house sitting.

Why can’t I leave my animals with my friends and family?

If you’re going away for a weekend, maybe it’s ok to ask a friend or a neighbour to take care of your pets. but what about getaways that are a week, one month, or more? You can’t put that kind of concern on your friends or family for such a long period of time. They have a life too!

Even if you did rely on friends, would your furry family member stay in your home, with visits from friends to feed, walk and love them? Or, would they be transplanted to an unfamiliar home while you’re on vacation? What if something were to happen to your animals while your friend was away at work?

Wouldn’t it be better to have your animals living in their familiar home, and having someone around full-time to take care of them and offer them with lots love and attention?

House sitters will live in your home, while offering full-time care to your pets. animals are much happier, and for that reason healthier, when they aren’t stressed out by being in a new environment. Your animals are less likely to feel like they’ve been abandoned if they’re still living in their own house!

Oh ya, dogs are certainly happier being at home
What about kennels?

Hvor begynner jeg? Your beloved pet will go through an huge amount of tension while being dragged to the kennel. It’s terrible to have to put them into a box or a cage, then into your car (all the while having to deal with them freaking out), then drop them off at a random place with other terrified animals. så grusomt.

I don’t know which is worse: the fact that your pet is terrified; that you feel guilty while you’re away on vacation; or that you actually have to pay for this service!

In Vancouver, Canada, kennels charge around $25 per cat and $36 per dog…per day. depending on how long you’re going away for, those costs could really add up.

Almost all house sitters will view your animals totally free of charge, in exchange for accommodation in your home. It’s a win-win situation. Your animals are happy, loved and living in their own home, and the house sitter is able to have totally free accommodation and delight in the company of your pet.

My animals are on medication, they ought to be with professionals

Most animals are on some sort of medication, whether it’s a routine monthly heart worm pill, or something much more serious. numerous home owners are actually registered vets, or have some medical care practice on their resume. lucky for you, you’re able to syphon through hundreds of pet sitters until you find the one that suits your needs, and the medical needs of your animal.

This little man needed vet visits and some medications
In your profile (if you feel that it’s necessary) you can always state “Must have medical experience” so that you only get qualified applicants.

Many people have experience with administering drugs to animals, or if it’s a easy procedure, you can always show the potential pet-sitters exactly what to do.

I don’t have any pets, just a home

House sitters aren’t just for those with animals that need looking after. Your home is essential to you, which is why you ought to have someone there full-time to take care of it. Managing your garden, watering your plants, mowing your lawn, and doing any required minor repair work and maintenance are all things that you can expect from a house sitter.

I’ll just leave my house empty while I’m away

Coming home from your unwinding vacation, only to find that your home is stuffy, musty or mouldy is not ideal. If someone is living in your home, they will be able to circulate fresh air through the house daily, or turn on the air-conditioning. This is especially essential if you live in a tropical climate.

You may not be aware that your home insurance policy probably doesn’t cover your property if it’s left empty for much more than 30 days. In Canada, some insurance companies won’t cover your home if it’s left empty for 4 days or more, due to the risk of pipes bursting in the winter.Not to mention, leaving your home without anybody in it, really increases the risk of burglary.

House sitters will take care of any minor repair work and general maintenance

I’d rather rent my home

The thought of renting might be appealing, as you’ll be able to make money (or at least cover costs) while you’re away. But, not numerous tenants want to rent a place for just a weekend, a week, or a month. Typically, 6 months is the minimum rental commitment from both parties.

Most (if not all) renters will have their own furniture, so you’ll have to think about where to store your belongings, which could ultimately result in storage fees. Also, if you are renting out your home, you may have to pay income tax on any rental income earned.

Something else to consider is the mindset of a renter vs. a house sitter. When someone is paying rent, they may think differently about your home than if they’re receiving the accommodation for totally free and have the responsibility of looking after the place. possibly renters will feel entitled to have parties, won’t care if they make a mess or break something, or they may even let the garden die…because hey, they’re paying to live there, you’re not hiring them, so why ought to they worry about anything?

House sitters have their online house sitting profile and credibility to worry about. If they do a poor job, you can many certainly give them an truthful reference on the website, for the whole world to see. This would essentially be the end of their house sitting career.

Finally, numerous house sitters were previously homeowners before choosing to house sit around the world. Therefore, they know first hand what it’s like to own a home and the significance of maintaining it.

How do I know I can count on the house sitter I choose?

As with finding a renter, house sitters are required to have references. The much more positive references that one has, the higher up in the list their profile will be. References from homeowners who are members of the house sitting sites are noted at the top of profiles. other references from past employers, family and friends are also given.

Many house sitters have a police check as well.

Have a Skype call with the potential sitter, email back and forth and try to get a feel for them before agreeing to have them take care of your animals and home.

Look at those trustworthy faces, with lots of great references!

How do I sign up?

We aren’t homeowners (anymore), we’re house sitters and by using the website, TrustedHouseSitters.com, we’ve found 3 amazing house sitting jobs. We have two much more coming up this year, which we’re very thrilled about! We’ve met some fantastic homeowners (who we are still in touch with), and have been able to take care of some lovable dogs.

We find this service to be professional, easy to use and affordable.

Click here to list your home, or to become a sitter!

It’s easy to sign up!
Join the craze

It’s no surprise that this exchange is taking the world by storm. Pet owners can now travel with the peace of mind knowing that their animals and home are well taken care of. It’s a win-win for all parties involved and a great way to meet some amazing people along the way. check it out now to see what the hype is all about ?

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Are you a part of the house sitting network? have you had anybody take care of your home? Was the experience positive? share with us below!

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